Cultural Encounters

1. What was one thing you learned from the simulations we played in class? How did this help you understand the essential questions better?

The simulations that we played showed me that we have to have the best of the best and have to make the wisest decisions too survive just like the colonist back then had too do. We have too have a balance of each thing around us. Trading was also a difficulty too because of others needs of food and shelter. I also learned that we could also join another colony instead of trading all the time. But this could be a problem too because of how much water we would need, shelter, land and food too survive. We would also have too decided whether too accept tempting offers or not. Especially how different the other colony's thought of ideas.

2. Reading was a part of Cultural Encounters. When you read the books you were asked to think about your reading. What did you learn about your reading while doing this?

I learned that everyone in the colony was a big help. The colony's source of food was going well thanks too the farmers and the clothing was being bought thanks too the fur-traders so everybody is important.

3. Did the journal entries help you to better understand your character? Why or why not? Explain in detail.

Yes it did. It helped me organize stuff about my character. I needed to write stuff about how my character will feel about her decision. It also helped by putting the journal entries together with small sentences. The questions at the top also helped me ask myself those questions too make my story even better.

4. What was the best part of your presentation? How could it have been improved?

The best part in my presentation was how people came to Stephen the Blacksmith telling them what they make and why they need his materials it could have been improved if everyone in the play (Including me.) could make something to represent what we were. Like for example if I could use a piece of foil and a cardboard box so that it would be a silver container because I am a Silversmith.

5. What was the biggest learning you gained from this unit? Explain with details.

I learned that we would need everyone too make a colony. Everyone is important in a colony. Nobody is the same so we should respect is somebody does not act like you or speak like you.

The Life of Stephanie Jones

The Life Of Stephanie Jones

Hello my name is Stephanie Jones and I'm a silversmith. I am only 13 though. I am going on board the May Flower staring into the waves. I wipe a tear rolling down my cheeks. I was born here, raised here and now in a matter of time I would leave it. I was also leaving my parents because they couldn't afford for all of us to go. I would miss my cottage near the mountain side and much more. But I still wonder will there be enough tools for me to work with? I hope my parents will live the rest of their lives safely. I have to go away because of a war that is going on. Only thinking about my parents sent on the quickest voyage away from my hometown. I hope that there will be peace and no war. I don't think that I will like leaving my home again once I get the the new world.

I reckon that the new world will be better than it is here. I felt a little worried about how long it would take to get there. I hope there will be enough room for me luggage on board. I took some tools and some things that will remind me of my home. I felt the boat move. It was time we started headin to the New World, a new life and a new hope.

It looks as if my hopes didn't come true. There wasn't enough room for me. The leaks ruined me new and expensive coat. This wasn't the life I had imagined it would be. One of me luggage toppled over board that had all of me memories of my long lost home and parents. The food supply wasn't enough for me stomach. I was feeling more and more doubtful of me parents choice. That night there was a terrible storm that made deadly waves killing many. I am still grateful that I am here today writing this story. Great numbers of us died from a disease that was carried on board. Rats and more new leaks were also found on board.

After the past weeks I started to feel me getting homesick. I would have done anything to smell the grass and feel the dirt. I didn't have enough sleep those horrible nights and my stomach begged me for food. I spent a unpleasant and horrid month on board. My worst fear was if I was ever going to make it to land before I took me last breaths.

Finally land!We are at land! I can't believe I made it! I felt wonderful! I filled my hand with a hand full of sand. I said a quick prayer of thanks and followed the colony into the woods. I strapped me fur coat close to me. We had arrived in winter. I was finding it quite difficult to keep up. I had one of me trunks with me. I had to drag it in the snow. Anyway this was much better than it was on board. We decided to make camp in the middle of the forest. I found a perfect makeshift. I was looking forward to tonight's sleep. After I said my prayers a thought struck me. What if the new world was already claimed by someone else and wants to declare war?

We were provided lots of food from the deer, fish and wheat. Farmers started to grow tobacco to make money from the lords and ladies. Tobacco was used to smoke pipes and was extremely popular here, in fact... it still is. I was settling well here and I was grateful for that. As the days past me hopes began to rise.

I built myself a home with the things I could find with my shop right next to it. It was spring and this was the time of year ladies would want jewelry. That season was successful. I was relaxing. But one late afternoon I overheard that there were strange men sighted not too far from our village. The next morning I wondered off looking for some materials. Then I heard a rustling sound in the bushes and a man came into view. That was when I met Powhatan. He was a Indian. I felt a feeling that I never felt before. I started to sneak away from my colony to met Powhatan. He taught me how to grow corn and also helped learn his language. We started to learn from one another.

I soon felt guilty and realized that I wasn't concentrating and me money was drooping. But I still went off to met Powhatan. It was a matter of time before someone would find out. I sneaked away behind me cottage. I went to the clearing and saw Powhatan. He wanted to show me his village. At first I thought that his people were going to have a fit but once I stepped inside I was greeted by many.

Powhatan showed me his mother and said that she could tell about the future.I stepped in a steaming hot and roomy hut and in the middle of it there was a fire and a old women." Greetings" The women said with her eyes closed. "My name is Maswick chosen by our ancestors to foretell the future. What is your name? Hello Stephanie.Let me see your palm. You feel guilty and you are ripped in two. One piece for loyalty and the other You will have pain in choosing your decision." Maswick finished. I thanked her and grateful that I was outside. Powhatan showed me all around the village and showed me the ones that he cared for. Then we lay on the grass looking at the sky. Then I jumped up. It was sunset and I had to go home before dark. I said goodbye to Powhatan and fled into the starless night.

I planned to make it back before dawn, back before the colony awakened. I made it just in time. I slipped in with the sting of guiltiness. Once I got back we had a town hall meeting."The Natives are taking to much space and are getting the best of the land!" A woman shouted "We should fight back!" A man screamed."We should make peace." Said the leader of the meeting."Are you crazy!" A man screamed from within the crowd."They'll kill us all!" I leaped up to defense."Silence! You dare speak to the leader like that! You disappoint me." I yelled."Who are you to tell me what to do?" The man denounced. That shut me up. After the meeting I went into my cottage. I kept thinking about Powhatan and new deep inside of me that I could not last much longer. I really did love him but I knew that we were never destined to be together. Then I soon realized that Maswick telling had come true. I turned over to my side making my bed creak and moan. Finally I kicked me covers off and knew what had to be done.

I went into the forest and scrapped my gown as I ran passed the bushwhackers. I soon saw the tiny village. I looked around the tents looking for Powhatan. Then I saw him with other of his people dancing around the fire."Powhatan, happy you come!" Powhatan said smiling at me. Then I lead him to a quiet place and told him my troubling thoughts. Powhatan's smile disappeared ."Me understand. You different, me different can no longer be together." Powhatan said forcing a smile." Thank you for understanding." I said. Then Powhatan put a small object in my hand. I looked at it and saw that it had strange markings curved into the wooden chain and I had two beautiful blue feathers." It has me name and you name." Powhatan said."I make myself.","Thank you!" I said fingering the chain and placed it on my neck. With a tearful goodbye I walked out of the camp and pictured Powhatan's smile.

A New Kind of Freedom


Well his minister had convinced him and gave him ideas about what he could do. He was also convinced by how much land he was going to get by going to the new world. But I think that he was still not to sure about moving. One thing held him back. ''How will we manage to farm so much?" But trusted himself and agreed.


I think that he feels really proud about his choice and would chuckle at the thought of doubting to go to the new world. His life went a alot better.

Molly's Dream


Her dream was to be a seamtress and to live in a house with ducks, dogs and geese. She might also want to live with her brother. This might be another option..... going back to her family.


She will need to finish working , meet with her brother and live in a house with ducks and geese. Molly has wants to be a seamtress.



Because for some people are poor and want to move. People called immigrants who moved to America for peace and harmony. But others country's like China for example like to live with their own type of people. For others it's like a vacation. But for some people it's not.

Background Knowlege


People move because sometimes they want to experience different places. But for me I move around the world because of my Dad's job. But maybe it's not just that mabye because my mom wants to explore new cultures and learn new languages or make new friends.


For me nothing because I don't expect others to be exactly like I do. If so the world would be boring, just imagine what it would be to be friends with yourself? Watch telly, play by yourself ?
The world would be boring.